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Flash Cure X-37 Egg Cure

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If you have stream or river fished for steelhead, browns, or salmon in Northern Ohio or Northern Pennsylvania you have probably heard of “Flash Cure”.

Long a local favorite among the steelheaders on the Grand, Rocky, and Vermilion Rivers, the word is spreading about an egg cure that will greatly improve your catch rate. There are many days when just about anything will work. But there are too many days when the fish are finicky; the water is too muddy, the moon phase isn’t just right, a cold front is moving in, etc, etc, etc. On those tough days, it pays to have that extra edge.

As the maker of this cure told me “fish don’t smell scent, they smell chemicals”. It makes sense to me I have used many commercial scents for walleye trout and salmon without a substantial difference in my catch with lures without scent. Flash Cure makes a difference, a big difference.

Wash the single eggs or skein in water to remove any blood and place them in a ziplock bag and shake it. Put a small handful of Flash Cure into the bag and shake it. When all the eggs and/or skein are covered with the cure, they’re done. Simple. Tie them into bags, or use individually. Refrigerate the rest until you need them.

I don’t know what Flash Cure is made of and don’t want to now, but the maker has told me to tell you “don’t eat it”. It has bite stimulants, amino acids, as well as egg preservatives. As I was typing this, I was talking to the maker He found some cured brown trout eggs in his fridge left over from last year. He said that they shrunk a little, but as soon as he put some water in the bag they plumped right up and looked like they just came out of the fish. They smelled fresh and ready to go.

We have Flash Cure in quantities from ten ounces to ten pounds.

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